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    When you’re no longer on the lists of the employed, the first thing on your mind, is of course getting that Unemployment compensation secured and begun so that you’ve got the wherewithal to pay your expenses, but not far behind that is the desire to find gainful employment again.


    There is no such thing as beginning to look for work again too quickly, particularly if you’re like most of us and you simply don’t have unlimited amounts of funds to stay unemployed for any extended period of time.

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    Thankfully many of the best employment web sites which feature jobs in nearly any state are now online to permit us to not only scan jobs for which we might be interested, but also to, in most cases, apply for those jobs online and even in some cases to set up appointments to interview for them.
    Among the best of the best in California’s government web sites to seek out new employment are the following:

    California Job Openings

    Fire escape, fixed!EDD’s Cal Jobs.{http://www.caljobs.ca.gov/} Cal Jobs lets you register and login to seek out new employment, to browse catalogs of jobs and to upload and keep your resume online so that you can submit it to any given job merely at the click of a button. The site is well organized and offers a vast and diverse array of information literally at your fingertips to help you to find the job you want, and to match your resume with prospective employers who are seeking workers with your skills

    Mendocino Works– http://www.mpic.org/resource/Resources.html From the Mendocino area, offers information on jobs available in the Mendocino and surrounding areas. With a friendly interface and some great information, the site will be helpful for anyone seeking employment in this area of California. Mendocino works also offers Do Not Patronize lists which offer information about employers in the state of California which the state has deemed to be unfair to workers with regard to wage or other issues.

    Labor Market Info–http://www.labormarketinfo.edd.ca.gov/?PAGEID=3 another service of the Employment Development Department, Labor Market Info offers Top paying jobs, job searches as well as several self assessment quizzes to determine the kind of job you would best like and be good at to help you in your career choices or to help you to decide what type job you might like to apply for next if your chosen career is, as many are, in a slump right now.
    The site also include Occupational Guides which will help you to find the best careers at the moment, with details guides on what is required for entry positions in those career fields and how to become qualified to do them.