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    Portrait of happy young businesswoman Just like elsewhere in the United States today, California too has its share of unemployment. People who have been displaced from their jobs through no fault of their own, and are having to seek out new employment and a means to exist until that new job comes along.
    There are now, fortunately a good number of government web sites which will permit you to avail yourself of their services and to both file for, and certify for your unemployment compensation while you wait for a new position. One such site is the CA EDD site, which is located at www edd ca gov.

    From the Ca EDD (Employment Development Directory)multiple services become available to you,not the least of which is the ability to find the forms you need to file for your unemployment as well as to file online directly from edd to receive your federal extensions for your unemployment compensation claim.


    California Job Openings

    The services you will find at the Ca Edd.gov web site include several more that will make it a great deal easier for you to find a new position, to apply for your compensation and to learn more about additional training that will help you to find a new place in today’s job market.

    EDD (Employment Development Department) is currently among the largest of state departments, and has employees at offices that number in the hundreds all across the state of California. Coming into being more than seventy years ago, EDD has helped millions of people looking for a job to find the right employer for their purposes and skills.


    EDD-URL www.edd.ca.gov houses on its web site, the following services for your convenience:

    A job bank and an online bank of resumes, CALJOBSSM, that contains several thousand job openings, and houses the biggest pool of potential candidates for those jobs in the state of California.

    EDD also contains tools for today’s labor market, which will help you to make educated decisions about such things as taking a given job, what you will need to know to have it and whether relocation is the right move for you.

    Information and assistance regarding filing your unemployment insurance claim and a place to file the Federal Unemployment extensions.
    How to file a disability claim for your injury.

    How to gain access to your paid family leave, when you are eligible for the paid family leave and how to file the claim for it.

    Payroll information about taxes and forms for filing

    A wide array of employment and training services to give you new means to find another job and where to get education for it.

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